The FAQ’s of Estate Planning #1: Do I Need a Will?

Our Attorneys routinely advise clients in their estate and trust planning.  As we have met with those clients over the years, we have frequently been asked some basic questions about estate planning and thought that you might benefit from the answers that we usually give to those questions.

The most frequent question that we are asked is “Do I Need a Will?”

The Answer:  Yes.  Whether you have a large estate or a very small estate, you should have a Will.  The Will allows you to decide who will receive your property after your death (family member, friend, or charity), but it also allows you to designate the person that you want to wrap up your affairs when you are gone.  Likewise, it allows you to designate guardians for your minor children and/or place money in trust for your minor children in the event that you passed away before they were adults.