Dr. Michael Brown Hospitalized

Dr. Michael Brown, the former Houston surgeon and founder of the Brown Hand Center, was recently hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.  Dr. Brown, now in Miami, was set to begin his 30 day prison sentence which stemmed from his guilty plea in his most recent legal issues related to choking a flight attendant.

The doctors caring for Dr. Brown stated that he remains hospitalized and is incapacitated at this time.  Additionally, attorneys representing him in both criminal and civil matters are unable to communicate with Dr. Brown.  If Dr. Brown does not recover soon, the Court may be forced into appointed a Guardian to represent his interests.  Guardianship is a court supervised relationship, where a Guardian must be appointed, by  the Court, to act on behalf of the Dr. Brown’s well-being and financial matters.  As for Dr. Brown’s fate, only time will tell.

Guardianship is a complicated legal endeavor, which requires the assistance of an experienced attorney.  If you or someone you know has questions concerning the Guardianship process, please contact the attorneys are Ford + Bergner LLP today.