Probate Tips: How Can Your Family Avoid Disputes?

When you find yourself standing in the middle of the world of probate, you may begin to realize that it can be quite confusing and complicated, especially if you have never had this experience before. No one ever wants to find themselves in court, but sometimes going to court cannot be avoided.

Here are some tips and advice that may help you if you are ever faced with probate litigation or estate planning problems.


If a family wants to avoid probate, this can be accomplished by either designating someone as the beneficiary or using pay on death accounts. You will find that several financial institutions will allow you to assign or designate someone as a beneficiary of an account. When you pass away, that account will automatically become the beneficiary’s account. When you have real estate, you can also title that jointly.


Sometimes the biggest family disputes are about personal property. When you really think about it, sometimes the personal property that is being fought over is not worth that much. Family members will find themselves on an emotional roller coaster, and the end result will usually be an expensive dispute.

After the arguments and the court costs, no one will be happy. When someone wants to create an estate plan, there should be a list created that lists all of the property and who will be the recipient of the property. Many beneficiaries will respect all of your wishes that you have set in your estate plan, especially if they are set out in a clear manner.

If there is a road to take that will allow you to avoid disputes and arguments with your family, then that is the road you should take. When considering an estate plan, you should clearly define everything so your family can avoid disputes after your death.

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