Guardianship Litigation: Securing Guardianship Of Someone You Love

If you have a loved one who can not manage their own affairs anymore because of a sickness or a disability, then you or someone else in your family may want to consider legal guardianship. The person who you want to protect is called the ward.

Under a guardianship law, there has to be proof or a demonstration that the person really needs assistance. If anyone else is interested in the situation, he or she may be allowed to show up at the guardianship hearing to do the following:

  • State a claim on why he or she believes the ward does not need to have a guardian
  • If the other party thinks the ward does need guardianship, he or she may ask to be the guardian
  • Other interested parties may also challenge why they think the other person should not be the guardian

In order to represent all of your interests and the ward, you will need to hire a guardianship litigation attorney. You need an attorney who will fight for all of the rights, and the right attorney will help you take care of your loved one the way you have in mind.

Someone may not be happy with who has been appointed as the guardian over the family member. Someone in the family may have received the status of guardian or the state may have approved someone as being the guardian if there was a feeling of no family members being available.

Removing another person as a guardian is not an easy thing to accomplish. This needs the attention and assistance of an attorney who has the right experience. Contact us if you want to do what is best for the person you care about and love.