Probate Court: How Can You Communicate With The Beneficiaries?

When someone you love dies without having his or her estate plan and other affairs in order, there is a possibility the estate will have to go to probate court. No one likes dealing with a probate. It is a long and difficult process to go through; it is also highly frustrating.

Can you imagine if every one in the family is not getting along or if the communication is not up to par? Things will be even more complicated and frustrating. Documents will need to be signed, you will have meetings and hearings, and valuables will need to be distributed. If there is no communication, there will be no proceedings.

If you are representing someone or if you are one of the people receiving property, you should do your part by making sure you communicate with everyone else involved.

If you are responsible for coordinating the entire estate, you need to inform everyone of the hearings, documents, and everything else that is going on. You need to have full communication with everyone. You should establish more than one method of communication with everyone.

If you cannot find the necessary contact information you need for the beneficiaries, below are some tips that may help you find the information you need to reach them:

  • Search social media networks
  • Ask other family members and friends
  • Look through phone books (online or in print)
  • Ask their current or former employers

You should make sure you have complete information of the people you are trying to reach. You should also make notes of who you talked to, when you talked to them, and the information you found.

Hiring a probate attorney can make this situation easier and better for all parties involved. The attorney can potentially help you find those family members who you are unable to communicate with. If an attorney contacts them, they may be more willing to talk. If family issues and arguments are making things hard, a probate attorney can be someone who can step in and not take sides.

If you are ready to discuss probate, you should not hesitate to ask for additional information or request a consultation. Contact us today.