Guardianship Litigation: Does Your Family Need To Remove A Guardian?

When someone is named the legal guardian of a person who is now incapacitated, they have now taken on a big responsibility. The person who is the guardian has to be diligent and responsible about everything that has something to do with the ward’s medical needs and financial needs.

If someone in your family has become incapacitated, and the appointed legal guardian is not properly fulfilling the ward’s needs, your family may have to consider guardianship litigation. You can tell the court why you feel as if the guardian is not doing the best things for the person you love. If you present this information to the court, the current guardian may be removed.

What are some reasons why a guardian can be removed?

  • Not fulfilling the duties he/she is responsible for
  • Abusing the responsibility or power
  • The guardian is not managing the ward’s finances properly
  • Has been convicted of a crime
  • Not following the court’s orders
  • Has not done what has been asked in the guardianship report

If you feel that your loved one is not being properly taken care of by the appointed guardian, you can show the court that the current situation is not in the best interest of your loved one. If you can show this to the court, the court can appoint a new guardian.

We understand you want to keep your family safe. If you need the help of an attorney with experience in guardianship litigation, feel free to contact us today. We want to help you find the right guardian who will care for your loved one the right way.