Four More Reasons To Make a Will Today

Many people put off making a will because they feel like they have plenty of time left. However, it is important because, if you have children, you need to decide who you want to care for them, if something happens to you. You can also decide who you want to get your things (and who you don’t).

Here are some more reasons that you need to make a will today.

  • With a living will, you can make your wishes know about prolonging your life. Many people have specific thoughts about how far they want doctors to go in unfortunate circumstances. Do you want to be kept alive on respirators? Would you rather have your family pull determine when to end care? If so, you need to make your wishes known in a living will.
  • A will makes everything go more smoothly. If you love your family, be sure to have a will. If you are afraid that your family is going to fight over every little thing that you own, make sure that you have a highly detailed will. Why make your family argue with each other if they don’t have to?
  • When you make a will, it can help reduce taxes.  A well thought out and drafted estate plan can help reduce taxes owed by the estate.  Why pay more money if you don’t have to?
  • When you have a will, your estate can be settled quicker, allowing your family to start the healing process faster. If you don’t have a will and your family starts to fight, your estate can take months or even years to settle. Do you want that to happen?

It is important to have a living will, in case you are in an accident. Do you really want your children to have to decide about your medical health when they are already worried about you? A regular will is also important because it helps speed up the settlement of your estate, allowing your family to start to heal faster. You don’t really want it dragged out for months or even years, do you? Don’t you want your family to be able to get on with their lives?

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