7 Guardianship Litigation Tips

Assuming legal guardianship is an important aspect of protecting loved ones.

For legal guardians who are new to the process, understanding  guardianship litigation is one of the most daunting tasks of the entire process.

To help you understand the litigation process better, here are seven tips for learning your role as a guardian.

1. File all your necessary paperwork on time and accurately. This includes all paperwork that needs to be filed annually or monthly.

2. Always keep detailed records of all interactions, payments, assets, and money received on behalf of your ward.

3. Consider creating a separate bank account for your ward’s money. Process all money through their account so that accurate and proper records can be kept.

4. If you have to leave town for an extended period of time, consider hiring a standby guardian to handle your ward’s needs while you are away.

5. Ensure that your ward retains the right to vote (if they are of age) and has regular medical and dental visits.

6. Use a separate account for all purchases made for your ward. If you can, use the account that you set up for them.

7. If your guardianship lasts long enough, you may have to get a new background check. Speak to your attorney about the specifics of this process to get it right.

If you need help with your guardianship, it’s best to work with an attorney. A guardianship attorney can help this process run smooth and without worry.

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