Basics of Probate, Part III

Persons ask the Question of Why a Last Will and Testament is Necessary:  The best answer is that a Last Will and Testament is quite simply an official way for the individual to set forth his or her wishes regarding distribution of property upon his or her passing away.

An individual is wise to consider a Last Will and Testament whether he is married or single; and/or if he or she has minor children; and even when he or she owns a limited amount of personal and real assets.  In other words, it is best that every person have a Last Will and Testament or similar means as to the disposition of their respective property.

The best reason for an individual to put his or her intentions down on paper, in a fashion that is formalized is because, otherwise, the litigation that follows his or her passing may end up being quite costly as well as unnecessary.  Such a prospect will not be welcome to the individuals that survive; and may impact their grief.

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