Our Experienced Probate Attorney Explains the Role of Executor

Your brother has approached you and asked that you be the executor of his estate. And you wonder: What’s an executor? And, what does that mean for me? Well, first you should be happy to know that your brother trusts you enough to ask you to take on such a big role. But, you should also understand the responsibility that goes along with this role. We’ll explain.

Responsibility of Executor

As the executor of the will, you’ll have a variety of duties as you prepare to probate your brother’s will. To start, you’ll need to notify the family members listed in the will,and you’ll need to advise that the will is about to be presented to the probate court. Copies of the will should be provided to each family member you notify.

Once the court has officially appointed you as executor, your biggest responsibility is gathering the assets, determining what bills need to be paid, and filing any necessary tax returns. The executor cannot close out the estate until all of the money and assets have been accounted for and the estate bills have been paid.

If You Cannot Serve

If you say yes now and somehow feel when the time comes you don’t think you can serve as executor, you can ask the court to not appoint you, or you can request the court relieve you of your duties. You can also retain an attorney experienced in probate law to assist you so that you don’t feel completely overwhelmed.

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