Alternatives to Guardianship

If you are raising a special needs child, many things will change by the time they turn eighteen years old. Many times the appointment of guardianship is necessary. However, there are a few alternatives to guardianship.

1. A Special Needs trust: this type of trust may be exactly what is necessary for your adult child to succeed. Please seek legal advice on the pros and cons of having this type of trust created.

2. Family guidance: if there is a family member that is available to provide advice, and support to the adult child, this may be used in place of guardianship. However, if this adult child is too easily influenced, this may not be the right choice.

3. Financial assistance: if finances are the only issue that this person has trouble dealing with, a financial representative could be appointed to specifically make financial decisions.

4. Assistance: if this person is capable most of the time, they can name someone as power of attorney to help them make decisions on certain areas where they may require assistance.

5. Supported living services: if this person only needs assistance with day-to-day things, then moving them to a supported living facility may be all the assistance they require.

The above alternatives are suggestions to assist you in caring for your special needs child. Please seek legal advice to better assist you in what will work best for you and your adult child. Every situation is different, and what may work best for one family may not work for another family.

For more information on alternatives to guardianship, please contact us.