Why Should You Have Your Estate Plan Ready Now?

No one likes to think about dying, whether it is from old age, an illness, a car accident, etc. As difficult as it is to think about, it is an important topic to discuss. Unfortunately, many families are caught off guard by the death of someone they truly love.

Things will be even more difficult for your family to deal with if you die without a will or an estate plan. Some people do have a will or an estate plan, but it hasn’t been updated in years.

Without an estate plan, you will not have any control over what happens to your property and your assets. You will also have no control over who will get anything you leave behind.

If you have young children and you do not leave behind a will, you will not have control over who will take care of your children. The court system will have to step in and take control.

Estate planning is not just about which loved one gets a certain property or asset. An estate plan is about the instructions you leave behind. This is especially relevant if you are incapacitated and will be dependent on someone else to care for you.

Do you have concerns about what will happen to your family, property, assets, etc? Those concerns should make you want to take the right steps in getting your affairs in order.

You should have the motivation to speak with an estate planning attorney so you can get the ball rolling while you still have time.

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