Will The Estate Probate Last For Many Years?

Many people do not know much about probate, wills, guardianship, etc. These are not usually the topics that are discussed while people are sitting around the dinner table. It is important that we all know something about these topics, even if it is just the basics.

There are many myths and misconceptions about probate. One of the common misconceptions is that it takes years for an estate to be probated. However; many estates do not take years to reach a resolution.

One of the main delays during a probate involves the state law. Creditors have to be given enough time to file a claim. How much time a creditor gets to file a claim is different in every state. After the creditors have been given a period of time to file a claim, the estate can be closed after the deceased person’s representative has paid the debts.

If everything goes the way it is supposed to go, many estates will be resolved in a year or within a year. There are some things that can slow the probate process and have it lasting for years. Here are some things that can cause a probate to last for multiple years:

  • The size of the estate(If the estate is a big one, it may take longer than the standard time frame mandated by your state)
  • Family arguments and disagreements

Generally, a probate will not go on for multiple years, but there are some cases where it does happen. If you want to know how you can avoid a probate or if you need advice on how to get through a probate, contact us today.