What Should You Do Before Sending A Will To Probate?

Before anyone can take a will to probate, there are many things that have to be done. One of the most important things you will need to do is find out who the beneficiary is in the will.

You should also find out what type of properties and assets the person owned and if the loved one left any debts. Once you find all the properties and assets your loved one own, you should make a list of everything.

For all the properties and assets your loved one own, you should list the following information:

  • Who is the legal owner of the property?
  • Did your loved one own all the property or only part of it?
  • How much is your loved one’s property worth? How much will someone be willing to pay for the property today?

If your loved one left unpaid bills and other debts, you should make a list of all the debts your loved one owed. Many people leave behind a large number of bills including credit card bills, student loans, medical bills, etc. If you are able to find the unpaid accounts, you should try to make a full list of everything.

If there are multiple people listed as beneficiaries in the will and the properties, you should know the following information for everyone:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Date of birth

If your loved one’s will was not recently updated and one of the beneficiaries is deceased, you will need to obtain a death certificate before taking the will to probate. There are several things that need to be completed before a will can be probated.

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