Do People Really Need Wills?

Bringing up a will is never an easy thing. Death is difficult and many people would rather not think about it. However, if you don’t plan ahead and write out a will now, your family may suffer after you pass away.

Why Are Wills Important?

If you want to make sure your assets and possessions get distributed properly after you pass, you need to ensure that it’s clearly stated in a will. Wills are important because they allow you to choose what goes where before it’s too late. As terrible as it seems, some people may try to take advantage of your passing and a will ensure that the right things happen after your death.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Have A Will?

According to Investopia, without a will, the state will determine how to disperse your assets based on a basic formula. The state created its formula in a way that makes sense for a the most people possible. However, in some cases, it can negatively impact your family. This means it is imperative that you reach out to an attorney and put together a will that works specifically for you.

What Does An Attorney Actually Do?

In the state of Texas, there are two kinds of wills: an attested will or a holographic will. The attested will is one that has been witnessed and the holographic will is one that an individual writes his or herself. In general, an attested or formal will is the better option. The reason for this is that a court may not recognize a will written by your own hand. This means it is best to contact an attorney and create a formal will.

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