3 Reasons Why Even Young People Should Write a Will

It’s never too young to write a will. Young people have the lowest percentage of will-writers, but it shouldn’t be that way. Here are a few reasons even young people should write a will.

You Have Children

If you have children or even just one child, you definitely need to write a will, even if you’re young. You need to appoint someone who will be their guardian and trustee. If you have any assets you want to leave them, writing a will is the way to do it.

You Are In a Relationship

Are you in a relationship but you’re not legally married? If you don’t write a will, your beloved partner won’t get anything. In fact, if you have children that were born from a previous marriage, it may be your ex who will be left to deal with your assets.

There Always Are Assets

You may not think that you own a lot of stuff, but there most probably are quite a few items of value in your possession, and you need to take care of delegating them. Pets, benefits (such as life insurance) from employees, jewelry, your car and even digital assets such as social media accounts should all be delegated.

At the risk of sounding morbid, accidents do happen and you should be prepared for them.  If you’re in the military or travel often, creating a will is even more important because of the dangers you face.

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