Where to Fit Funeral Plans into an Estate Plan?

When we start planning our estate, typically we tend to focus on where all the stuff goes. What happens to the house? How about the retirement accounts? Who should we make executor of the estate? However, what about want happens to you? Many people have a fairly good idea of what they want their funeral to be like, but the problem is that people don’t know where to put it in the estate plan.

Do you put it in the Will? No, by the time the Will is present to the Court for probate, your funeral service will already, and your remains will have been disposed.  To ensure that your remains are disposed of the way that you intend, you should consider a couple of options.  First, you should have a discussion with your closest family members to make sure that they understand your intentions.  Second, you should consider a prepaid funeral, where you select and pay for the funeral and burial options while you are alive.   Third, you can execute a document designating a person to have control of the disposition of your remains upon your death.  This document is valuable when you think that multiple people might disagree about the arrangements for your funeral and burial.

If you are getting ready to plan out your estate as well as your funeral, contact us today. The Ford + Bergner is dedicated to making sure that estate planning isn’t a huge headache.